The Comfort Zone
Rehearsal Space
1369 Queen St. West.
Toronto, ON
Canada M6K 1M1


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Hours Of Operation:

2AM-9AM. Times may change for special events.


Anyone entering the Comfort Zone will need to show valid, 19+ ID. Comfort Zone accepts drivers licenses, health cards & passports. In conjunction with local authority guidance, we operate an ID seizure policy whereby any false ID will be confiscated and handed over to the police.


Search procedures are within the legal rights of the Comfort Zone and it is a condition of entry that all customers agree to be searched prior to entry. This is for the safety of all our customers. If customers refuse to be searched, they will be refused entry.


Management reserves the right to refuse admission. We encourage people to drink responsibly, so we reserve the right to refuse admission or service to customers who are, or appear to be, overly intoxicated.


We have a zero tolerance policy on harassment. If you experience or witness any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable, please notify us immediately. Our staff will immediately alert management of any complaint, who will personally investigate the incident. Any form of harassment including leering, rude comments or touching will be dealt with, and anyone caught harassing other patrons will be given a lifetime ban.


You can purchase tickets here. You can also purchase your tickets on the door or via our certified promoters.

Guestlist Requests:

For all guestlist requests, please click here. Please ensure to list the date and all names.


For rental inquiries, please click here.


Personal photos are allowed but we do not allow any unauthorised filming or photography during any nights. Anyone found doing this without prior permission is at risk of having his or her property confiscated.


Smoking & vaping are not allowed.

Payment Methods:

We accept CAD & USD as cash payments. All bars accept debit & credit cards.

Dress Code:

Be yourself.

Cash Machine:

We have an ATM at the entrance after you pass the entry point.

Lost & Found:

If an item is found or left at coat check and not collected, we will store the item for a maximum of 30 days. If you’ve lost an item, please send us a message here with as much detail about the item as possible, where it was left (if you’re aware) and on which night.